COMING UP in 2021...


* May 14th - Three live daytime shows of the new solo 'Twiggy' created on Harry Alexander as part of The Coronet Theatre's 'Outside In' Festival, Portobello Road.


* 17th May - Presenting 4 works as part of 'Don't Touch Duckie' for the Norfolk and Norwich Festival.

1) The Joan Collins' (Legs 67) 

2) Pink Narcissus 

3) Twiggy, performed by Harry Alexander

4) It Must Be Him (Legs 67)

* Throughout June & July we shall be working with South East Dance's Steering Group to create their first piece of work online

*Throughout June we shall be piloting a new round of Excellent Together (please read about project in 'Works') with the generous support of Studio Wayne McGregor

8th - 11th June - Harry Alexander shall be touring Duckie's Posh Clubs with 2 new solos including 'Twiggy'

19th & 21st July - An Excellent Together pairing shall present their work at Posh Clubs in London

11th September - Doing a turn as Barbara Cartland at Duckie's 'Gay Shame' at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern