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Tell us about yourself:

I'm a Non Binary Trans Femme 30 something living their Bridget Jones dreams in East London. I love nothing more than vibing to Carly Rae Jepson and baking vegan & gluten free goodies.


Tell us about your work:

I'm a playwright and performer who creates work on the trans experience, with a particular focus on Queer Joy & Gender Euphoria. In 2018 I founded Theatre Queers, a meetup group for Queer & Trans people in the theatre industry, which this year expanded to include writing workshops also.


What you can bring to the committee:

I have a decade of lived experience as an openly Trans person moving in creative circles. From accidental misgendering to outright transphobia, I've experienced it all & feel uniquely qualified to advise Thick & Tight on their Trans inclusion policies. I have also worked extensively both in venues and as a freelancer, as well as as an artist and an educator so our experiences align as well as our politics. 

Photo by Johnny Bosworth

Tabby’s website:

Tabby’s Instagram: @badgalenby

Tabby’s email address:

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