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(and don't come back!)

This work, performed by 12 3rd year students from Rambert School of Ballet & Contemporary Dance, was made in two weeks in November 2022. Set to Moon Rocks by Talking Heads, it is full of fast, intricate choreography and is danced in silver catsuits.

In this shiny new disco-ballet, the super-rich-white-men of our time race to colonize space, leaving the rest of us to boil in the wake of their destruction and greed. We wish them luck with their Martian bromance.

As ever, it was such a pleasure and honour to return to the school we trained at. It’s an amazing place and we are proud to be a part of it. The students were absolutely wonderful; brilliant and unique yet caring and generous to one another. They dived into learning all our movement and demands to ‘entertain’ the audience with gusto and brilliance. 


Performed by: Kasia Kuzka, Hiyori Ushibori, Olivia Armandi, Elizabeth Mulenga, Rosa Huntrods, Tishainy Constancia, Laura Marsh, Tom Sutton, Spike King, Mark Crawley, George Gregory & Tom Rowlands


Choreography: Daniel Hay-Gordon & Eleanor Perry with input from the dancers

Costume Design: Thick & Tight with Chloe Mead

Music: Talking Heads

Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 17.25.08.png
Billionaires in Space - Chris Nash.png

Photos by Chris Nash

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