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Thick & Tight is a dance theatre company based in the UK. The company creates a mix of dance, mime, theatre & drag, taking influence from a wide range of historical, political, literary & artistic subjects.


Thick & Tight is co-directed by Daniel Hay-Gordon and Eleanor Perry.

We have been working as Thick & Tight since 2012 after training together at Rambert School. We began by making small-scale work at pub theatres and gay pubs and have gone on to present our shows at venues and festivals such as:



Of equal importance is the company's focus on presenting work in socially engaged contexts such as LGBTQ+ venues, family festivals & charity fundraisers. Thick & Tight work regularly with Duckie.

In 2022, Thick & Tight became Associate Artists at The Lowry and at The Albany in Deptford. In 2020 Thick & Tight were made Align Artists at South East Dance, furthering their ongoing connection to the region. 

Based in ballet and contemporary dance techniques, Thick & Tight's choreographic style is intricate, distinctive and musical. It  incorporates elements of queer performance such as drag, lip-syncing and camp humour, with a close relationship between movement & design. The company's work is currently and continually investigating a range of LGBTQ+ issues and figures, current queer culture and its link to dance. 

We have an ongoing partnership with Corali Dance Company, a highly regarded group of artists with learning disabilities. Together, we work to disband elitism and stigma in dance and beyond.

Internationally, Thick & Tight's work has been presented at a variety of arts festivals including Materia Prima (Poland), Stockholm Fringe (Sweden), Klovnbuf International Festival (Slovenia), Sydney Fringe (Australia) & Lucky Trimmer (Germany). In 2022 we travelled to Japan to study Noh and Kyogen theatre which led to us performing in Tokyo in 2023 at the Tessen Kai Theatre alongside a cast of Noh actors and musicians.

Thick & Tight have received 5 awards:

- Winner of Cabaret category by the Offies      2024

- South East Dance's Space to Dance Award 

Pebble Trust's Brighton Fringe International Touring Bursary

- Stockholm Fringe Award for Excellence in Performance

- International Screendance Festival Frieburg 

And were also nominated for:

- Best Independent Company by the National Critics Circle Award 2023

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