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"riotously funny, subtly thoughtful, well-researched and always meticulously crafted... simply divine"

**** The Stage

"the auditorium is filled with gasping laughter and whoops of delight, then swept into silence with the slightest change of expression"

Dance Art Journal

"a camp night, revelling in artifice with a fluid and performative sense of identity"

***** The Reviews Hub

"it's a big mistake not to see this show"


"some blistering dance sequences"

**** Broadway World

"underpinned not just by idea, attitude and imagery, but by dance and choreography"

Springback Magazine


“a dazzling and witty variety show… the sweetest of pick-and-mixes, offering a selection of nine zesty, daring and commanding acts, both captivating and eccentric… a true masterclass in dance and satire.”

***** The Stage

“the duo at their absolute sophisticated best… beautifully performed and life-enhancing. Short and very sweet indeed.”

**** The Guardian

“There is nobody else quite like them… smart, continually surprising and a great, mischievous night out…. a perfect example of Thick & Tight’s expansive and embracing queer aesthetic.”

**** The Times

"Irreverent humour and provocative, in-yer-face attitude, backed up by classy choreography and a rich visual language... brought the house down"


“Thick & Tight at their hilarious, evocative and moving best"

Springback Magazine 

“a tour-de-force in portraiture and parody, simultaneously surreal, nostalgic and utterly beguiling.” 

Michelle Dee

“an eclectic duo and a force to follow as they produce new work which provokes and surprises”

*** The Reviews Hub

“huge style and invention, and a great sense of fun”

The Scotsman


“Daniel Hay-Gordon and Eleanor Perry – aka Thick & Tight– pull a blinder with their latest showcase of lip-syncing physical portraiture, so deft in its blend of parody and pathos.”

***** The Stage

“The choreography had an elegant style and was very touching... it was very relatable and I would recommend it highly”

Disability Arts Online

“The night is filled with political messages laid on parody and satire and expressed through dancing, miming and lip syncing by a series of performers who fill the stage with energy and pure talent. The cast does not shy away from calling out misogyny, racism, games of power and power abuse, while there is also a big appreciation to the purity of love and being in love as expressed in poetry and art... Each part is a bold and relevant piece of contemporary art, with the well thought design of the set and costumes, and the crafty lighting creating a game of shapes and shades that does not go unnoticed”

**** Fairy Powered Productions

“Humour and charm blend neatly with race and gender politics... A box of delights”

**** Quays Life


"A subversive delight"

***** The Stage

"No-one makes work anything like this"  


"Original, inspired and fantastically talented"

Total Theatre

"F’ing excellent, Like watching Nureyev and the Divine David on mushrooms! Book now, like NOW"

G Scene

"Cultured magpies"

Exeunt Magazine

"I love it... I’m literally craning my neck to get closer to the stage" British Theatre Guide


“Appallingly entertaining” **** The Observer

"An unlikely concoction of surrealist parody, lip-syncing, drag and some heavenly contemporary dance... The vignettes Thick & Tight create have humour and travesty, but they can also be dark, unsettling and genuinely moving. The aesthetic might seem niche, but the themes are universal, cutting from high camp to something very human, and the use of dance elevates what could have been a clever skit into something much richer."

The Guardian

"For 30 years, pioneering company Corali has subverted audience expectations. Now it’s helping queer-dance duo Thick & Tight with a work about poet Edith Sitwell" The Observer


“Aesthetic visionaries with a singular approach”

Lea Anderson

"These sublime & joyous slices of bentertainment reward repeat viewing”

Simon Casson, Duckie

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