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​Originally commisioned as a site specific work, this duet was performed in the Wheatsheaf Pub in the Fitzrovia district of London, where the poet Dylan Thomas (b.1914) and his wife and writer Caitlin (b.1913) first met. The piece starts with interviews of Caitlin at the end of her life in Italy, remembering her life with Dylan and her life without him; it takes them from childhood to Dylan’s premature death in New York.

Commissioned by Dylan Thomas in Fitzrovia Festival 2014 

'The passion, charm and charisma of the choreographer/performers Eleanor Perry and Daniel Hay-Gordon using the simplest of means, but the most artful and intelligent deployment of their bodies in a relatively small space not only redefined Dylan Thomas's relationship with his wife Caitlin, but attracted new audiences to dance, and added a small gem to the repertoire.'
Director of Festival
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