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Thick & Tight have been very fortunate to have worked at Edge Hill University twice with their EdgeFWD company both in 2020 and in 2018. Both works were based on the research and development we were undertaking to create other work at the time including Radical Daughters for Jules Cunningham and our duet Pink Narcissus. See below for more details about both works.



Barbara Cartland (1901-2000) 

The prolific romantic novelist and stubborn vision in pink charms us with her wholesome views.  

Costume Design: Tim Spooner

Wigs & Make-up Design: Dawn Summerlin 

Music: Barbara Cartland with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Performers: Maisie Aveston, Melissa Bewsher, Tia Burton, Kaitlin Cameron, Emily Fairhurst, Megan Griffin, Megan Kilmurray, Maria Mortimer, Scarlett Primrose, Jade Sparke, Janelle Stockwell, Ciaran Turley  

Senior Lecturer in Dance Michelle Man who coordinates the Undergraduate Companies followed the creative process and notes that “when making Pink Narcissus with the Edge Hill Dance Undergrads Eleanor and Daniel really took them on a professional journey of exploring, and giving an exquisite attention to detail whilst being appropriately demanding in the studio. Their approach gave a great sense of valuing the students’ input and commitment, as well as genuinely stretching them in performance areas that were new to them. Thick and Tightmade sure that the students were an integral part of the company’s collaborative and interdisciplinary creative process in the build up to the performances. The Undergrads are very proud of the work and continue to rehearse the work in hope of future performances”.



Originally created in 2018, Radical Daughters was Thick & Tight's first ever student commission based on the life and work of Claude Cahun. The research and material went on to influence the solo we later created on Jules Cunningham.

Choreography: Daniel Hay-Gordon & Eleanor Perry

Designs: Edge Hill costume department

Music: Neu!



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