A joint venture which has evolved between Corali Dance Company and Thick & Tight where we partner artists from Corali with other expetional dancers in an effort to unite marginalized artists with learning disabilities with their mainstream equivalence to help disband prejudice surrounding what makes an artist or their work ‘excellent’, discover the what educational and social benefits can occur for all those involved and find new ways of facilitating collaborations.

This is an ongoing project which sees the partnering of 6 different couples:

  • Bethan Kendrick & Julie Cunningham

  • Housni (DJ) Hassan & Thomasin Gulgec

  • Jackie Ryan & Patricia Langa

  • Graham Evans & Gerard Bell

  • Paul Davidson & Edd Arnold

  • Vaneshia Bailey & Vidya Patel


Watch DJ & Thom:

Photos of Bethan & Julie:

Photos by Jon Archdeacon

Watch Vaneshia & Vidya: