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Grace Jones (b.1948)


“Be your own sugar daddy!”


Icon. Idol. Model. Jamaican Guy. Night clubber. Singer. Star.


Azara discovers Jones and what connects them; from listening to samples of her songs through her sister’s wall as a child, to finding out how pioneering and important Jones was as an adult.

“Azara Meghie in ‘Finding Grace’, a celebration of Grace Jones, combines breakdancing with spoken word and is so warm, so conspiratorial, that it’s impossible not to cheer”

Springback Magazine 


“Azara Meghie is another standout as the bold and sultry Grace Jones. Clad in a glittery hooded black suit, beautifully designed by Claire Ashley, Meghie delivers heartfelt monologues of a shared Jamaican heritage with Jones before breaking into free-spirited choreography. Dancehall and hip hop grooves flow into impressive breakin’ freezes, emulating Jones’ refusal to be boxed into one category.”

The Stage 


Choreography & Direction: Azara Meghie, Daniel Hay-Gordon & Eleanor Perry

Grace Jones/Azara Meghie: Azara Meghie

Text: Azara Meghie

Costume Design: Claire Ashley

Makeup Design: Darren Evans

Lighting Design: Lucy Hansom

Music Grace Jones, Konshens & J Capri, LL Cool J


Co-commissioned by London International Mime Festival & Duckie.


Supported by Arts Council England, Rambert School & Vauxhall Garden Community Centre


Photos by Rosie Powell

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