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Designed for the Royal Opera House's Family Sunday event, ‘Good Toes, Naught Toes’ explores what good and bad can mean to children and adults, seen through the lens of ballet training. The entire work is set to a score of an interview of Aiden O'Brian, Joseph Sissens & Kristen McNally, three incredible Royal Ballet dancers. The work was performed by the dancer Tania Dimbelolo and BSL interpretor Jacqui Beckford. They are caught between their understanding of right & wrong, acceptance & rejection, good & bad and true & false. Towards the end of the work they come together to interpret the interviews together and then dance in celebration of freedom.

This brand-new work, specially commissioned by the Royal Ballet Learning & Participation team should help people of all ages understand the effects of good and bad on them and others. It feels so important to be having these conversations and being honest about how these words effect us, especially in dance.

Photos by Daniel Hay-Gordon

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