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Edith Sitwell (1887 – 1964)


“I’m an unpopular electric eel in a pool of catfish”


Poet. Critic. Eccentric. Aristocrat. Muse. Campaigner.


Ode To Edith was created with Corali Dance Company and the Camberwell Incredibles, two groups of participating artists who have learning disabilities. With both groups Thick & Tight delved into the world of Sitwell and tried to bring her to life both for stage and screen.

"’s performed with considerable verve, and its point – that society determines who is an outsider and who accepted – is resonant”

The Guardian 


“The piece which leaves the deepest impact is ‘Ode to Edith’, inspired by poet and iconoclast Edith Sitwell, once memorably accused as being ‘as ugly as modern poetry’. Performed with voluminous charm by members of the Corali Dance Company, it feels as if it harkens back further than cabaret, to a symbolically laden medieval mystery play or a subversive Saturnalia. Using simple, almost ritualistic movement – gestural, signalling, private yet communicative – to a soundtrack of an interview with the dignified and witty Sitwell, ‘Ode to Edith’ feels like a work of true and pure pleasure in creation.”

Springback Magazine 


Choreography & Direction: Daniel Hay-Gordon & Eleanor Perry

Sitwells on Stage: Hay-Gordon and Perry with members of Corali Dance Company: Graham Evans, Housni (DJ) Hassan, Bethan Kendrick, Sherifat King, Jackie Ryan

Sitting Sitwells on Screen: Members of the Camberwell Incredibles: Danny Lucas, Daniel Reid, Blue Tierney, Karen Murphy, Charlene Francis, Ed Thompson, Stef Brown, Andrew Cove, Jo Conteh

Stage Costumes Design: Tim Spooner

Stage Headdress Design and Film Lighting: Darren Evans

Stage Prop Design: Sheila Hay

Stage Lighting Design: Lucy Hansom

Film Costumes & Props Designed: The Artists of The Camberwell Incredibles supported by Robin Whitmore, Lauren Rigby, Anna Baines & Tris Bellotti)

Music Giusto Pio, Wendy Carlos & Rachel Elkind, Dmitri Shostakovich, FKA Twigs, Olivier Latry, Laurie Anderson, Alice Coltrane


Photos by Rosie Powell

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