An imagined meeting between Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana. Thick & Tight examine their lives from within and without, from personal and public memory. The work dramatises the similarities between the lives of these two women, the sadness of their childhood, the vast fame, the hounding by press, the very public love affairs and the mysterious unsolved deaths.


With guest appearances by Thom Shaw, Josh Spear, Owen Ridley-DeMonick and Claudia Palazzo. Thanks to Gary Clarke, Dan Thomas, Impermanence and Sheila Hay.

Commissioned by Wilton's Music Hall Strike! Festival 2016 

Two people in black dresses sat at the edge of a stage in a spot light. There legs are swaying to the side and their hands are running down their bodies at the same time.
Two dancers in the same pose; their legs wide apart and both hands placed near head. The lighting in bright pink and they look as though they are putting on a show.
A woman in a black dress dancing around two figures in a suit and dress suit who both have crown that are so large they cover their entire heads. There are stage lights hitting them from the side.
Two people in black dresses dancing together. They look as though they are dancing in a club as they are sweaty and unabashed. The lighting is strong, creating interesting shadows and they are against a jet black background.
One woman stands looking angrily at a line of five people in different outsides (suits, dresses, hats etc.). The person closest to her has their arms on their neighbour’s shoulder whose hands are clasped which is replicated by the other three behind him.

Photos by Rosie Powell & Judith Kuniskyte