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Sid Vicious (1957–1979)

“I'm not vicious really. I consider myself kind-hearted. I love my mum.”

Punk pin-up. Murder at the Chelsea Hotel. Sex Pistols bassist. Delinquent. Innocent. Vicious. Kid.


“As bassist Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols, Connor Scott crashes on to the stage in true punk rock fashion – covered in blood from a mimed brawl. Scott is a masterful performer, thrashing and shooting wide-eyed expressions as if mid-concert, effortless with physically demanding choreography.”

The Stage 

“Connor Scott embodies Sid like a second skin, like your favourite bedroom pin-up come to life: it’s sexy; it’s dirty, the choreography is gloriously louche and pure rock n roll”

Michelle Dee

Choreography & Direction: Daniel Hay-Gordon & Eleanor Perry

Sid Vicious: Connor Scott

Costume Design: Pam Tait

Hair & Makeup Design: Darren Evans

Lighting Design: Lucy Hansom

Music Frank Sinatra, Sid Vicious, Jon Hassell & Brian Eno


Co-commissioned by London International Mime Festival & Duckie.


Supported by Arts Council England, The Lowry, Vauxhall Gardens Community Centre, London Performance Studios & Rambert School


Photos by Rosie Powell & Kat Collings

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