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This rapturous triple bill brings famous faces to life to reveal the yearnings and imperfections of human nature.


Queen Victoria & Miss Havisham mourn their losses in a monstrous modernist ballet, Queen Have & Miss Haven’t; Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana are dogged by fame and beauty in The Princess & the Showgirl and dancer Julie Cunningham (ex-Michael Clark and Merce Cunningham companies) becomes artists Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore in Thick & Tight's solo, Radical Daughters.

With thanks to our supporters: Arts Council England, South East Dance, Dance West, The Place and Corali Dance Company.

A NIGHT WITH THICK & TIGHT was presented at Sadler's Wells as part of the London International Mime Festival 2019 and at the Brighton Fringe 2018, winning 2 awards:

  • The Space to Dance Award from South East Dance

  • The Brighton Fringe International Touring Bursary in association with The Pebble Trust.



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"Original, inspired and fantastically talented" Total Theatre

"F’ing excellent, Like watching Nureyev and the Divine David on mushrooms! Book now, like NOW" G Scene

"Cultured magpies" Exeunt Magazine

"I love it... I’m literally craning my neck to get closer to the stage" British Theatre Guide

"A subversive delight" ***** The Stage

"No-one makes work anything like this" - BachTrack


is co-commissioned by Wilton's Strike! Festival and DanceWest's Ignition Festival

With thanks to: Edge Hill University, Gary Clarke, Patience Tomlinson, Sheila Hay, Dickie Beau, Lou Cope, Patricia Langa, Julie Cunningham, Claudia Palazzo, Duckie, Owen Ridley-DeMonick, Donald Hutera, Trinity Laban, Wilton’s Music Hall, The Marlborough Theatre, Ugly Duck, The Royal Hippodrome Eastbourne, Steyning Festival, Impermanence Dance Theatre, Malgorzata Dzierzon, Carl Harrison, Helen Lovett Johnson, John Matherson, Bar Wotever, Annabel Dunbar, Jan Winter, Justin Hunt, John Highfield, Maliphant Studios, BalletBoyz Studios, Darren Evans, Ruth Holdsworth, Daniel Thomas & Daryl Percival.

Two ghostly people stand like sculptures. One is seated and wearing black with a diamond crown. The other is stood behind with a grey wig, a big white dress and a hairy chest. They have downturned painted lips and beautiful but extreme black makeup around their eyes with very thin eyebrows.
Two dancers, in huge bell shaped dresses, one in a white dress and one in black in a black dress both stood in the same position. Their left arm reaches straight out beyond their shoulders with their graze reaching beyond their left hand. Their right arm is bent sharply behind their heads.
A dancer in an orange light wearing light coloured top and trousers with black bands around elbows and ankles is mid moving. They are leaning out to their side as if being blown about in the wind.
Two dancers in black dresses intertwined and looking upward. Behind them is a large distressed wall and they are on a blue lit floor.
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