In 18 Attempts​

Part of

CYBER RATS, despite it all...

Third Year Graduation Works

London Contemporary Dance School

Created during the Covid 19 lockdown

Thick & Tight have had the pleasure of working with fourteen fabulous students and together we've plunged into five weeks of research, experiments, reading and recording. Unable to be in the studio, we had to reassess our way of working; rather than coming in with set ideas, choreography, score etc. as we usually would, we decided to lead the students through a series of creative and research exercises so they could understand how we begin making work, before we even step into a studio. It has been wonderful to be able to share our work in this way and to learn from this new generation of dance artists.


Our work is often labelled as ‘camp’ and for a while we have wanted to understand the meaning of the word a little better. We devised a sort of ‘Course in Camp’ which has culminated in a film; an ode to all the wonderful work the students have produced and all the works we have studied.

Design by Tim Spooner

Polari Sound Recordings by Thom Shaw

Music by​ Warren/Brown/Free/Deutsch, Olivier Messiaen, Nino Rota,  Shim Sang-gun, Stefan Prins, The Tornados, NASA Voyager Space Craft, Richard Strauss, Gina X Performance, Barbra Streisand, Sol Kaplan, Brian Eno, Neu!, Sohail Rana, Leroy Anderson

Click HERE for a list of footage, texts and references in An Effort In Camp

and HERE for a Camp Questionnaire!

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Verity Wright

Elyssa Sena.jpg

Elyssa Sena


Angelina Gorgaeva


Zakarius Harry

Giorgina Pini photo.jpg

Milo Aylward

Annabelle Peach

Giorgina Pini


Evie Jackson

Thea Kallhed Gadefors-Moller.jpg

Thea Kallhed Gadefors-Möller


Tania Chua Wei Ning

James Healy.jpg

James Healy


Margherita Giuliodori


Jessica Van de Koot

Freya Lawson.jpg

Freya Lawson




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• What is the campest object in your room? Why?

• Which colour is the campest of them all. Be specific in hue and reasoning.

• What is the campest drink you could order at a bar/pub?

• What is the campest speed to move at?

• List all the ways that makes this track camp…

• List all the ways that makes this track non camp…

• What is the campest track you know?

• Historically who is the campest dictator/villain and why?

• Give an example of a perfect camp one-liner…

• Which animal makes the campest noise? Explain yourself with an example of the sound on You Tube

• What is the campest decade of the 20th Century? Why?

• What is the campest part of your body?

• What is the campest fruit? And Vegetable?

• Who is the campest Queen?

• Who has absolutely no camp sensibilities?

• What is the campest plant?

• Who is camp but doesn’t know it?

• What is the campest building existing or destroyed?

• What is the campest accessory you can adorn?

• What is the campest letter in the alphabet?

• What is the campest word in the dictionary?

• Which camp-idol do you most identify with?