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Tell us about yourself:

I’m an artist and dancer born and raised in London. I’m also a mentor, facilitator and member of various grassroots activist organisations and projects.



Tell us about your work:

I am an artist and dancer working across the intersections and contradictions of dance, performance art, alternative cabaret, and film using my body as a responsive site to my environment and territory. My work exists somewhere between the nightclub, gallery, and street and focuses on the live experience as a place for highly charged connections.


Alongside making this work I have worked extensively in inner city schools and on projects with young people who’ve been criminalised. I work part time with Queer organisation Duckie for their senior citizen projects.


I also work as a dancer, mentor and choreographer for other artists and can often be found working the door of a sweaty queer rave.


What you can bring to the committee:

I am not shocked or surprised by abusive power dynamics or systems of oppression. I believe we can and must do better.

I sometimes get things wrong.

I have worked a lot of jobs and for a lot of people in all types of environments and so hope I bring understanding, sympathy and examples of navigating/ learning /holding to account/apologising/setting boundaries/ making mistakes/anger/softening/staying/walking away…..and still managing to pay the rent!

I believe in the transformative power of collectively and community on the minor and macro scale. I also think I have (most of the time) a pretty good bullshit radar :-)


Photo by Zbigniew Kotkiewicz

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