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Tell us about yourself:

I’m very open minded, I like to try out new ideas and meet new people, connect in a lovely environment, understand each other, learn from others. I love believing in each other. I have a purpose to share as well and a connection.


Tell us about your work:

At the moment I’m with Corali Dance Company, working on a brand new show for young kids. Super hot hot dog! It includes Makaton, signing and BSL, which is new for me and I’m doing really well. I’m also the MC.


I began dancing when I was very little; at the age of about 5 or 6 there was something about me. I was always moving around; I couldn’t stay still. My mum knew from the start I was something very special, and it was dance. I used to watch dance shows, music shows and that took me to a different place – I wasn’t scared. That inspire me and it’s been with me through my years.


I studied at Lambeth College and the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. I completed Corali’s formal Support Artist training and worked with Bridget Chew for over 8 years. I’ve worked as a support worker for Greenside School and on Demonstrate. I’ve worked at The Place, with Thick & Tight, I’m not your Circus Gog, Access All Areas, I’m a Corali associate director, performed solos at Royal Albert Hall and the Royal Opera House. I was also involved in a film created by Corali and Tate Britain. Lots of opportunities came my way. My profile is going up. I offer my understanding to others.

What you can bring to the committee:

I’ve got lots to offer form my experiences. I love showing you guys, I believe in myself even more. I stick to my guns, to what drives me. It’s like you’re opening my world and I’m opening your world for a better future.


Respect, harmony, peace, friendship, open heart. I offer Thick & Tight my heart and soul.

Photo by Jon Archdeacon
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