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Tell us about yourself:

Lou lives in Brighton, right in the Laines and loves it. She loves to be outside and can usually be found swimming in the sea, running by the sea or walking on the Downs looking at the sea. She doesn’t own a car and cycles everywhere. She enjoys getting sweaty at live gigs, travelling the world, reading books and absorbing culture. She’s a really good cook as she is the youngest of 5 children and would have not survived on a diet of fish fingers and crispy pancakes so had to learn and learn fast. She loves cooking for friends and one day plans on throwing everything in and living in a motorhome with Olly seeing more of the world.


Tell us about your work:

An experienced Producer with over 25 years experience, Lou has a background in performing and trained at Birmingham Theatre School, The University of Birmingham and ALRA (The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts). Lou is a freelance producer and until recently was Senior Producer Artist Development at South East Dance for 4 years. Over the past ten years Lou has been Creative Producer at Stopgap Dance Company and has worked with Unlimited, The British Council and Disability Arts online to create integrated dance work with disabled and non disabled artists.


Lou has produced small to large scale touring projects and everything in between. Aside from contemporary dance they include such diverse subjects as a Bhangra musical, magic show, skateboard and BMX dance shows, children’s theatre, outdoor festivals, dance films and Paralympic events. Lou currently works with Lila Dance, small performance adventures, MakeAmplify and Flexer & Sandiland. Previously Lou was Producer with NPO Rifco Arts, Kriya Arts, Spun Glass Theatre, Casson & Friends and Root Experience. Lou has worked for and with both Brighton Fringe and Edinburgh Festival Fringe for many years. In rare gaps between shows in Edinburgh Lou met her husband Olly and together they run their own production company Hubble Bubble Productions.


What you can bring to the committee:

I hope to bring a host of experience from learning from mistakes, listening to other people’s ideas and opinions to learn more myself and to challenge, disrupt and help to be a troublemaker. I hope to support Eleanor and Danny to make brilliant art that also supports their values and to work with partners who believe in them and understand their vision. I hope to help them get more money and make more money so they can support themselves as artists. I hope I can help them to reach larger audiences for their fantastic work and to lead by example; get things right to help to change the sector to become kinder, more accessible, more understanding and with different and better leaders. But most of all I think their work is brilliant, funny, clever and that they are talented, gorgeous artists who are making a difference and shaking up the status quo.

Photo by Chloe Barker

Lou’s email address:

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