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We have recently had the pleasure of mentoring some wonderful artists and have more of this work coming up soon. Mentoring is tailored to the artists needs and can involve giving feedback on choreographic work, contributing to research, supporting organisational development, discussing themes, addressing concerns and finding clarity of intention through specific questions.


Artists and companies we have mentored are:

Patricia Langa

Edd Arnold

Istanbul Queer Art Collective

Frankie Thompson

Vidya Patel

Martin Moriarty

Screenshot 2022-05-14 at 18.26.49.png

Istanbul Queer Art Collective. Photo by Eda Sancakdar


We have begun bringing students into our company’s work through placements and internships. We have worked with students from:


Placements and internships have involved observing rehearsals, assisting with backstage prep for shows, shadowing community engagement work and joining meetings with our Advisory Committee. We're thrilled to be able to help students gain experiences and feel lucky to have their contribution to Thick & Tight.

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