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We have developed an extensive education and outreach practice alongside our performance work. We want to share the core elements of our practice with our varied participants; the use of rigorous dance techniques mixed with queer academic studies, an exploration into art as activism and a dedication to historical and cultural research.

Find out more about our engagement work:

Screenshot 2022-05-14 at 18.14.51.png

Workshop at Dance Base Yokohama. Photo by Yuka Kamimura

Screenshot 2022-05-14 at 18.14.12.png

Workshop at Dance Base Yokohama. Photo by Yuka Kamimura

We are currently working with various organisations to learn more about current trends in dance education and community engagement, to understand where we sit within these fields and to develop our pedagogy. Thank you to Rambert School, Salford University, St Mary’s University and Morley College for your support with this.

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NSCD students in 'Walls of Sound'. Photo by Camilla Greenwell


From conservatoire/university staff:

"The students have very much enjoyed their creative processes, and the resultant work is a triumph of wit and complex movement which reflects the intelligent and meticulous research these outstanding artists undertook in preparation."

"Eleanor and Daniel really took them on a professional journey of exploring, and giving an exquisite attention to detail whilst being appropriately demanding in the studio. Their approach gave a great sense of valuing the students' input and commitment, as well as genuinely stretching them in performance areas that were new to them."

"12 of our dance students had an invaluable experience working with Eleanor and Daniel, and produced a stunning performance after an intensive rehearsal period during which time they were challenged to push their performance practice to a whole new level."

From conservatoire/university students:

"I would like to say that I feel you have both given me an understanding of how art can be created in a healthy and sustainable way whilst still being rich and new and I thank you for this because it has made me more positive about the lives artists can lead."

"Something I’ll bring with me is a great consideration for deep research that can support every single detail of a specific choice"

"Danny and Eleanor are friendly and easy to approach which makes a huge difference and means working with them is a breeze."

"A lovely and enjoyable process in which I gained several skills and insights that I will take further into my dance/performance career."

From workshop participants:

"I had a super time"

"Hello, just wanted to send you and email to say how much I enjoyed your Sunday workshop. It was so well constructed and I really felt I learnt about your process and more about physicality of character through movement. And if you do anymore I’d be there with bells on."

"I was delighted and terrified for the opportunity to play with the rich mix of things that you threw at us all... I really appreciate your attention, meticulousness and rigour to originality, detail, music, subject matter, theatre, experiment and dance within the art form, which I feel is being lost at times, within our artistic world."

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LCDS students in 'An Effort in Camp'

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Still from SED Steering Group films

Screenshot 2022-05-14 at 18.33.42.png

Faith Prendergast in 'Wild Things' at the Royal Opera House. Photo by Jon Archdeacon

Screenshot 2022-04-06 at 13.37.41 copy.png

Jordan Ajadi in 'Night Suites' at the Royal Opera House

Screenshot 2022-05-14 at 18.26.49.png

Istanbul Queer Art Collective. Photo by Eda Sancakdar

Screenshot 2022-05-14 at 18.30.13.png

Graham Evans and Eleanor Perry in Excellent Together at the Royal Opera House. Photo by Jon Archdeacon

Danny Smith as Dame Margot Fonteyn in Prima. Photo by Jon Archdeacon

Patricia Langa, DJ Hassan and Thick & Tight in VOICES


James Hay as Tchaikovsky in Letter To Tchaikovsky. Photo by Jon Archdeacon

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