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Tell us about yourself:

I am an artist born and raised in East London by two amazing Nigerian parents and four incredible siblings. I love dance, music, writing and in general, making shit!!! 



Tell us about your work:

My work uses dance, photography, writing and many other art forms to centre the experiences of Black women in order to ask for a greater recognition of our contributions. I perform, teach, consult, curate, choreograph, write, host and mentor across multiple art forms and organisations. 



What you can bring to the committee:

I will bring my experience of performing with multiple companies as well as consulting for organisations regarding EDI and access to advise this committee. I’m dedicated to creating and participating in the ongoing conversations about inequity that the dance industry needs to have in order to embed real, tangible change. I lead with empathy but also the courage to confront and welcome conflict.



Link to Valerie's Website: 

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