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Tell us about yourself:

As an immigrant, queer, black, dark skinned, Gambian/Liberian, gender non-conforming big girl with a mixed bag of mental health issues; my passion for equality, equity and inclusion stems from the core of my very existence. I have a love for the arts and creative expression and I sit on the board of several theatres and work with a range of arts organisations. The last year has found me indulging my questionable taste in interior decor by undertaking DYI projects that are definitely above my skill level!


Tell us about your work:

I am the founder and director of Confronting Change Diversity & Inclusion Strategies. I am an Equality, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Specialist (EEDI) with expertise in LGBTQ+ inclusion, creating anti-racist spaces and intersectional approaches to embedding EEDI in a meaningful and sustainable way. I work with a variety of organisations in a range of capacities providing freelance support. This is incredibly varied and relies on a wealth of skills and knowledge. My many side hustles also include writer, facilitator, mentor, speaker, host, sensitivity coach, podcasting and occasional model.  I believe that we all have power to create the change we want to see in the world, through self-reflection, accountability and action. 


What you can bring to the committee:

As acting chair of the committee, I am committed to collaborative working. I hope to create a genuinely inclusive space where the wealth of both personal and professional experience, backgrounds, talent and creativity on our team may come together and flourish. I believe this will lead to innovative approaches that will drive the work that Thick & Tight produce as radical queer artists.

Photo by Maëlle Kaboré

Link to Yassine’s Website:

Yassine’s Instagram: @bigblackbutchbitch

Yassine’s email address:

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